When we met Thea, she was a curious and thoughtful 9 year old student who had little confidence when it came to math.  Her typically engaging personality would completely shut down because she felt so overwhelmed by the subject.

We would try to engage her, but she felt completely intimidated by the material. It was time to take a different approach…

We took the pressure off and turned it into a game. We brought it back to basics and used a reward system with stickers. Instead of drilling the facts -- we made it fun -- so she wasn’t thinking about an intimidating math problem, but a fun activity where she just happened to be using math.

In doing so, her test scores and grades significantly improved and what used to take hours were now a breeze for her. She could pass minute drills with 95% accuracy and 100% confidence.

Her parents were so impressed with her improvement! Now, three years later, she recently called her Double Ivy Tutor crying with joy because she’d been accepted into the 5 leading private middle schools in LA-- she even told her interviewers her tutor was the best teacher she ever had.