Jaja and Cleo are a pair of sisters we’ve been working with for a year. They are high achieving, intelligent young girls who already attend a great private school. Because the girls are so sharp and tend to get bored easily, their mom felt they weren’t being challenged enough.

She wanted her girls to have the confidence and ability to do whatever they want as young women.

Since they were already extremely high achieving, we needed to give them that extra push. Once they met an expectation, we would raise the bar. In doing so, they’ve become exceedingly successful in anything they put their mind to.

Before, they were slightly intimidated by math and science. Now, we continue to elevate our expectations and set higher standards for their work.

Currently Jaja, at 11 years old, is doing multi-variable equations, which is at a 9th grade math level!

With a little extra motivation, we set up our students for even greater success, and with a little extra heart -- they’re already halfway there!